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Minisoft is moving towards the object oriented and highly productive environment of Smalltalk in an effort to maximise the potential of the Development team. We feel that the Smalltalk platform will lead to a greater focus on the solution to the problem rather than on the tools used in its solution

A core team of some of our most senior developers are developing their skills in the Smalltalk platform. One of our major products is being migrated to Smalltalk in the Dolphin & MS Windows Environment. Scheduled for release in November 2001 the application will be mass deployed and should provide indication on the productivity of the environment

Minisoft accepts customised off-shore and on-site software development assignments in Smalltalk. We intend to leverage our experience of over 7 years in Object-oriented development methodologies in developing in the Smalltalk environment. Please contact for smalltalk specific assignments. We also undertake long term maintenance contracts.