The old dog does learn new tricks

Minisoft's has developed several major projects in COBOL. Many of these projects developed till as late as 1995 are in operation and maintenance today. Minisoft has a vast code base library and routines in COBOL using the most advanced features of the COBOL language. The codes have been written in structured programming methods keeping in view re-usability, portability and maintainabilty.

Minisoft's personnel have experience in a range of COBOL platforms and dialects. Some of the COBOL platforms extensively developed in by Minisoft are Microsoft COBOL, Microfocus COBOL with Ansi82, OSVS & VSC2 dialects, AcuCOBOL & using CICS. Personnel with Minisoft have coded in legacy Mainframe machines such as Burroughs 6800, Cyber & IBM 360.

Minisoft expertises in developing ERP solutions using Object-oriented Tools with RDBMS for data storages. Minisoft migrates COBOL applications to the current used OOP platforms in MS Windows and Linux/Unix X-windows Character & GUI environments. With our knowledge of the COBOL language, coding styles & file handling techniques we are able to understand the functioning of the existing system and re-engineer the decision tables and flow of control accurately.

Please contact for outsourcing COBOL Development, Maintenance, migration & re-engineering. We accept off-shore and on-site assigments.