Pathmaker for Construction Industry

The system built for constructors

Working Method

Road & Heavy Contruction database begins with a Work Order (W/O) or a Bill of Quantity /Bill of Material (BOQ / BOM). The BOQ is the detailed list of individual items of work or activities to be performed for the units to be constructed. Each BOQ item is individually correlated to the resources required for its completion and the progressive measurement data as the BOQ item completion is in progress.

Resources are Equipments, Material, Plants, Manpower & Cash. Each resource is specified & configured in the system based on its working patterns & capacity.

Typical resources are:

Measurements of progressive construction, as per own engineers and as accepted by principal are recorded separately. Bringing together BOQ work details, with measurements data & Resource utilisation accounts the system provides complete reporting and detailed analysis for management of construction.

Connected to the main database are several optional subsystems each dealing with specific functions of the Construction operations.