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Workshop Management & Billing

Workshop efficiency binds customers in long-lasting relationships and is essential for the growth and stability of the organization. Frontseat focuses strongly on the workshop, and assists in providing high-quality service with maximum efficiency and minimum operating cost.

The workshop management system is based on a complete profile of each vehicle's passage, from receipt to delivery, recorded directly from the floor. The system analyzes repair times and takes a critical look at delays in inspection, allotment, supply of parts, and billing; and provides complete statistics, directing the spotlight towards specific delays and bottlenecks.

Parallel recording of mechanic hours leads to an analysis of idle time and manpower utilization, and individual productivity measured against wages. This enables fine-tuning of work allotment and manpower allocation, and balanced decisions on incentives and promotions.

With the floor making spare part requisitions on-line, its working is synchronized with stores, and waiting periods are eliminated. Item issues are fully integrated with the overall inventory control system. The workshop is also empowered to maintain a separate inventory of its own.

Work done recorded by the floor is directly used to raise bills and claims, eliminating any billing delays. The billing system is fully integrated with financial accounting and also reflects in bills outstanding analysis.

A comprehensive customer database, with a powerful and flexible system of regular letters and reminders, is designed for aggressive selling in a fiercely competetive market.

The MIS analyzes repair times, specific delay reasons, loss of sale resulting from insufficient stock, mechanic efficiency, manpower utilization, vehicle revisit history, customer performance, and outstanding bills.