The driving software for dynamic automobile distributors

Vehicle Sales

Sales personnel need to be guided by a powerful database of prospective customers and follow-up schedules. Frontseat is designed for storing huge amounts of customer data, specific requirements, buying habits, anniversary dates, contact persons, and follow-up dates.

Customers can be selected specifying elaborate criteria, for queries or reports. The same can be used for generating greetings, letters or address labels. Actual sales are followed up by outstanding bills analysis.

Sales executives are provided individual follow-up schedules, along with customer details, requirements & buying habits.

Sales figures are analyzed thoroughly and comparisons drawn with previous months and years. Figures are categorized on the basis of manufacturers, models and territories.

Sales personnel' performances are compared against each other, and with previous months and years. Incentives and commissions are generated for managers, sales representatives and brokers.

Sales commissions receivable from principals are computed and claims raised and followed-up.