The driving software for dynamic automobile distributors

Spares Sales & Purchase

Frontseat provides detailed coverage of spare part sales, along with tracking of customer orders. Sales across the counter, to dealers, to government agencies, and against workshop requisitions, are handled with the highest degree of automation and integration.

The power of the system is partly reflected in the on-line communication channel between stores and workshop, which opens with each requisition from the floor. Or, in the background verification of stock levels and party credit levels for every item issued.

Sales purchases directly from the principals, or in the local market, are dealt with in depth, and backed by by an elaborate system of indents. There are possibilities for direct data exchange with the principals which are customized for specific requirements.

The whole system is seamlessly integrated with the Financial Accounting and Inventory Control systems. Customers ledgers, outstanding bills, and accounting and taxation requirements are met fully. Stocks for multiple stores are maintained with a choice of valuation methods. Indenting suggestions are generated based on re-ordering levels.

The MIS includes elaborate studies of stocks ageing, immobility, and obsolescence; debtors' outstanding and realization; and the overall profitability of the stores after carrying cost; putting the conscious executive firmly in the driving seat.