Fleet for Transportation Industry

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The Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs subsystem tracks all major spares and accessories issued to individual automobiles while undergoing repairs in inhouse or outside workshop or on road. The database maintains individual vehicle history and provides statistics of spares applied with distances and periods for all previous similar repairs for proper monitoring.

The workshop subsystem, a scaled version of Minisoft's complete workshop management system streamlines workshop repair scheduling and mechanic allocation. Linked to the Spares stores subsystem the software assists in maintaining Inventory level of critical items and consumables, indenting, purchasing and bills passing procedures and tracking of spares appiled.

The personnel subsystem tracks all HR data of the organisation and leads to a combined payroll and advance recovery system. The calculations are customised for individual departments from field operators to administration and performs computations of all allowances, deductions, tax returns and statutory & employee fund contributions.

The painstaking work of timely renewal of Vehicles Permits & payment of Taxes is vastly reduced by the Document Control system. Integrated to accounts the subsystem automatically picks up renewal and payment data with future memos and provides information on renewals & taxes falling due in advance.