Entourage for Hospitals

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Entourage for Hospitals is an ERP solution that addresses the special needs of the healthcare industry. Designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of medical centres, hospitals, diagnostic clinics and laboratories, the software offers

Core Management functions include:

Admissions and Beds Identification & numbering of rooms & beds, Reservation in advance with billing terms, Online view of bed & rooms availability, Admission and allotment of bed, Doctors & Ward-wise admission list, Rooms & Bed availability & occupancy record, Shifting of beds / rooms, Patient medical data
Billing for In-Patients and Outpatients Customised billing for companies and individuals with separate rate lists and discounts, OPD due / paid bills, progressive billing status of patients, online multi-counter instant bills and receipts
Operation Theatres Booking and availability, stores and consumption, billing for room and consumables, medical personnel billing, surgeon-wise operation list, doctor-wise normal delivery / LUCS list
Out-patient Departments Doctors and medical personnel duty roster, doctor-wise patient lists, ticket collection, stores and supplies consumption, collections by medical procedure, reimbursements to medical personnel
Medical, Reagent and Stores Supplies Requisitions & Purchase Orders, Receipts of Medical, laboratory & miscellaneous supplies, Bill passing, Issues to various departments, Stock control & reconciliation of central stores, Operations of Medical Shop, receipts & issues to Hospital departments
Diagnostic and Laboratory Facilities Samples, testing & examination booking, Results recording forms & formatted report printing, Billing & charging to patients, Reimbursement to medical personnel, Reagents, Chemicals, Films & Consumables stock management, Medical & other Personnel attendance & duty reconciliation, Outside hospital testing agencies bills, charging to patients & reconciliation
Doctors and Medical Personnel Management Duty assignments, Attendance & visits to patients, OT, OPD & other consulting, Doctors visiting fee billing, Visiting Doctors database, Reimbursements of entitlements & referrals to visiting doctors. RM Duty rooster
Inventory Requisition, receipts & Stock records at various points, Stores, Ward Stocks, OPD, laboratory, Receipts & issues of non-medical supplies, uniforms, stationery etc
Laundry Linen & Laundry control, Receipts, Issues & returns from cleaning from laundry contractor
Diet Diet recommendation of patients and list to supply section, Diet supplies by contractor to patients & personnel reconciliation, Billing to patients
Management Control Provides a wide-range of management control reports based on occupancy, doctors, patients, inventory and external agencies